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Experiential Tourism
Experiential tourism is an outgrowth of a global movement toward experiential learning, where people create meaning through direct experience. Experiential tourism is also tied to the evolution of mass customization and the experience economy.  For the tourist, the experience includes, among other aspects, the people one meets, the places they visit, the accommodations where they stay, activities participated in and the memories created.  Experiential tourism encourages visitors to participate and promotes activities that draw people into communities, cultures, and the outdoors.

To grow experiential tourism we can :
1. Place infrastructure and landscapes are to be improved, such as building more toilets and rest areas, information centers with telephone/internet services, ATM machines, post offices, roads, direction signs as well as boards telling the history of the communities or products, parking areas with shuttle vehicles (may be carts or bicycles) from the parking areas to tourism sites.

Infrastructure in India
Infrastructure in India
2. Products and services are to be diversified and elevated standards such as demonstrating producing process, folk cultural performance, delivery services, massage and much more.

Indian Cultural Dance
Indian Cultural Dance
3. People human resources are to be developed such as increasing skills in working, language, product design, work safety, providing services, administration in finance, marketing, environment.
Finance Market in India
Financial Market in India

4. Planning and management, systematic planning, clear targets and indicators, integrated implementation among governmental, nongovernmental and local authorities should be developed.

Systematic Construction Plan of Mumbai
Systematic Construction Plan of Mumbai
5. Presentation legends of villages and products are to be presented, displaying product designs and packaging, in an atmosphere of traditional ways of life.
Traditional Indian Handicrafts
Traditional Indian Handicrafts
6. Promotion marketing such as public relations on tourism sites, promotion to attract tourists to purchase more through travel agents or tourists themselves or even through advertisement.
Experiential tourism is an amorphous term that is difficult to define. Experiential tourism shows rather than describes; it allows the tourist to be an active participant in the experience. It involves activities such as birding and other wildlife viewing, hiking, camping, learning about the Indian history of region, and nature photography, just to name few- Nature tourism, resource-based tourism, adventure tourism, heritage tourism, and Eco tourism.

Advertisement of Travel Company
Advertisement of Travel Company
While talking in broader sense, the following areas should be given importance for the growth of experiential tourism in India:
1. Heritage in India
2. Cultural activities in India
3. Festivals in India
4. Traditional art of India
5. Literature in India
6. Culinary in India
7. Wildlife of India
Growth in the Experiential Tourism in India
Growth in the Experiential Tourism in India
Above 7 areas are the most important in which tourist want to learn in India. If Indian government can widen up and can provide information to tourist or we can say if these areas will able to promote with better facilities than the growth of experiential tourism in India could be easily possible.
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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Discover the taste of India: North Indian Food

Taste of North India
The northern region of our country is famous for scenic beauty and also the tasty cuisine. Like the extremes of weather experienced by this region, equally variant is the cooking styles. On one hand we have the oily and spicy Mughlai style, and on the other, the simple and light kadhi (a preparation of besan and curd), chhnach (butter milk), etc.
The main course has different type of breads, viz roti, parantha, naan, kulcha, etc and different types of pulses, such as rajma, chhole, lobhia, different types of daal (lentil) and so on. Ghee, Butter, Dalda, Refined oil as well as mustard and olive oil are the common cooking mediums. Needless to say, the North Indian platter contains agricultural products, green vegetables, milk products, pickles, and last but not the least, glasses and glasses of lassi.

Taste of North India

Delhi, the state that houses the national capital, has experienced the influx of migrants from various parts of the country- the influence of this can be seen in the wide plethora of styles available here.  The people are mostly vegetarian, but non vegetarians have a fair share too. The kebabs and biriyani of Lucknow are world famous. The tandoori style of cooking hails from Punjab and Haryana. Also world famous is the yummy Sarson ka Saag and Makke di roti. The food items from Himachal, Uttaranchal, Uttar Pradesh are also very tasty, containing variety of spices. The culinary practices of Jammu and Kashmir is characteristic for the use of saffrons, cardamoms, cloves and many exotic spices. Some innovative dishes such as Rogan Josh, preparations of the lotus stem, kava tea are known all over the world.
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Kerala – A hot destination for Medical and Wellness Tourism

Is the daily home-work-home cycle stretching you out too much? Is age showing on you? Is your health buckling under the demands of your lifestyle? Deny it as you may, these are common problems in today’s working population; whatever be the age, location or profession. If you feel its time to rejuvenate, find some time and plan a visit to Kerala, known popularly as “God’s own country” because of its picturesque landscape. The soothing climate, natural abundance of forests having a wealth of herbs and medicinal plants takes one into paradise.
Kerala has established itself as a prominent destination of world leisure tourism for its natural beauty and cultural assets. The growth of tourism in the state has been mainly buyer driven. The collective marketing effort through the Tourism department had been limited till the recent past. With the growing awareness of Medical, Health and Wellness Tourism, the facilities and infrastructure available in Kerala have now gained a fare share of the limelight.
The golden opportunity has been recognized by private players, particularly the Ayurveda sector, who took some collective effort to convert Kerala as source for Ayurveda treatment. Then came Dentistry and Modern Medicine. A combination of many factors has led to the increase in popularity of medical tourism in Kerala.
The state of Kerala has more than 15 world class hospitals equipped with the best of all advanced facilities for health care, medical and paramedical education and research. Defining qualities of a world class hospital are professional expertise and technology of international standards, streamlined efficiency of service, courteous personal attention and meticulous cleanliness. Capitalizing on these assets, today Kerala has emerged as one of the most popular destinations for Health and wellness tourism.
Traditional systems of medicine like Ayurveda and Siddha are widely popular in the state, and draws increasing numbers of tourists. With ease and affordability of international travel and Improving technology and standards of care, visitors from across the globe throng to Kerala for exclusive sessions.
Traditional Indian practices of healthcare and beauty treatment from natural herbs and plants have been rediscovered and brought forward in new packages. Alongwith, medical tourism facilitators and travel agencies offer exclusive post treatment tours to the natural forests, backwaters, lakes and other beautiful tourist attractions in the state. A stay in the Houseboats adds to the experience.
The major specialties of Medical Tourism in Kerala are the following:
Modern Medicine: Cardiac Care, Orthopaedic, ENT, General Surgery, Cosmetic Treatment, Urology Ophthalmology, Fertility Treatment, Neuro Surgery, Dental care, etc
A leading Healthcare institute, Kerala institute of Medical Science (KIMS)
Alternate Medicines: Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Siddha, Naturopathy, Aroma Therapy. The patronages received from different countries are presented below:
Alternate MedicineModern Medicine
Germany22.20%Middle East26.46%
Middle East6.36%Spain2.44%
Japan4.66%East Africa1.83%
(Source: Medical Tourism in Kerala—Challenges and Scope, Joseph M. Cherukara and Dr. James Manalel, May 2008).
Adam Wood House
Adam Wood House-Cochin, Kerala
The Other Home offers you a pleasant stay in the backwaters of Adams Wood House (Fort Cochin),Summerhouse Holiday (Kollam) and Coconutcreek Kumarakom Homestays (Kumarakom) from where you can enjoy the breathtaking views and enjoy ultimate relaxation and comfort. If you have come to Kerala for medical purposes and need specific care, we shall ensure the best of individual care for you as prescribed by the doctors.
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Khujraho Dance Festival 2011

Arunima kumar at Khujraho festival
The music of the flutes, the rhythm of the khungroos , the synchronized dance steps displaying various art forms, the divine fragrance of the aggarbatis from the temple, the color of the natyas…..the flavors of dance at Khujraho begins…
Indian Classical Dance
Indian Classical Dance
Arunima kumar at Khujraho festival
Arunima kumar at Khujraho festival
The city of Khujraho is home to the magnificent display of temple architecture and culture. The temples are monuments from the 250 AD. A visit to the place would tell you hundreds of stories about Indian civilization and cultural heritage. The group of temples in Khujraho has been designated by the UNESCO as world heritage site thus endowing it with more importance. The temples of Khujraho host a week long dance festival known as the Khujraho Dance Festival where dancers from across the country as well as foreigners perform various dance forms. The event is organized by the Madhya Pradesh Kala Parishad. Kuchipadi, Odissi, Bharatnatyam, Manipuri and Mohiniyattam are the prominent dance forms performed in the stages.
Kuchipudi Dance
Kuchipudi Dance
Dance or ‘natyam’ as it is called is an art form performed by the dancer’s body and mind. The synchronization of expressions along with the bodily movements in accordance with the rhythm marks the presentation of the form.
Actress Hema malini performing with her daughters at festivals
Usually a unique theme or a situation from the Puranas is depicted conveying the whole story in a precise form. The Navarasas or the nine different emotions are to be brought about by the participant during the show. Each of the form, whether it is Odissi or Mohiniyattam, has its own flavor and charm.
Mohiniattyam Dance
Mohiniattyam Dance
The costumes and the method of dancing are different in each dance form. Mohiniyattam is more of a mellow dance form while Bharatnatyam involves more aggressiveness in terms of dance momentum. They all hail from different states of India and depict their very own culture. During the festival Khujraho takes up a new form by itself. Famous dancers specialized in their own niches dancing to the khungroos, musical instruments playing melodious music and the rich essence of culture sending its vibes across the divinity of the temples will enchant you. The evenings colored with devotional music and the slow chanting of mantras from the temples gives you a completely new spiritual feel at Khujraho.
Promoting cultural heritage and traditional dances of India, the Khujraho dance festival is in fact the union and celebration of all the classical dancers across the country. This festival is conducted in February or March every year. Eminent dancers participate in this occasion making it very special. The schedule for the festival is given below (February 25 – March 02, 2011):
February 25, 2011Gajendra PandaOdissi Group
Malvika MitraKathak Solo
February 26, 2011Geeta ChandranBharatnatyam Solo
Darshana JhaveriManipuri Group
February 27, 2011Vijaylaxmi ShivajiMohiniattam Solo
Vasanti VaishnavKathak Solo
February 28,2011Group Dance PerformanceManipuri Pungcholam-Joy Singh-Group Satriya -K. D. Goswami-Group Purulia Chhau-Chinidas Mohato-Group
March 01, 2011Maneesha SatheKathak Solo
C. V. ChandrashekharBharatnatyam Solo
March 02, 2011Kalamandalam N. R. GramprakashKathkali Group
Kiran SehgalOdissi Group
Ishira & Moulik ShahKathak Duet
March 03, 2011Vaijayanti KashiKuchipudi Solo
Rajendra GanganiKathak Group
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Bizcation: A Chance to Explore Real India

Vacation on Business trip

How often do you get to combine work with vacation? Infact how often do you even get some time to take a weekend away from work? With our everyday hectic schedules taking a vacation has become almost extinct. Bizcation came as a boom to all the working professionals who found it very difficult to take some time out for them. Professionals are now backing on bizcation more often than ever. A simple way to define bizcation would be business trips turned into vacations. Bizcation is a blend on business and vacation, which is the ideal compromise between the conflicting demands of a balanced homelife and a busy career.
Bizcation gives you a platform to broaden your personal and professional horizon; it’s a great way to get a little break. It gives you the pleasure to be on a vacation while you are still getting the most crucial work done.
Bizcations has become very popular in the recent times among both senior executives and entrepreneurs. According to Ministry of Tourism data (2007), 5.3% of total FTAs (Foreign tourist arrivals), i. e. 270,000, entered into India on Business Visa in 2007. With economic growth, the business travel in India is increasing and travelers on business trips are extending their stay to explore the market, culture and opportunities in India. For most entrepreneurs work is top most priority, and since it becomes too difficult to juggle between family and work bizcations have got much acclaimed success.
Vacation on Business tripA well planned bizcation will be a great stress buster and it will definitely reduce your stress level. You could take a few hours to explore things you always wanted to, to be by yourself or to even discover a whole new place.
While travelling to cities oversees businessmen especially try to extend their stay by a few days just to be awe-struck by the wonder that city has to offer.
Business trips turned into vacations are a great way to get that much needed break as well still being very much rooted into your work. What works even better is if your family accompanies you for your trip. Although there are a few rules every business traveler should follow while inviting their family on a business trip, but it is still the greatest way to spend some quality time with your family and still be working.
Bizcation emerged as a concept when people started travelling to different cities and countries for business. What comes along with visiting a new place is the urge to discover a new place, hence business trips eventually turned into short vacation all by themselves. What happened by chance has now become a habit. People are deliberately extending their business trips to a different city by a day or two just to get that mini-vacation.
ChandigarhNot only is bizcation stress busting but it is also a very affordable way for business travelers to get their down time. You could get a hotel room for the same discounted rate for an extended stay, thus cutting down a great amount of accommodation cost, keeping aside the money saved on getting to that new place.
The prospect of travelling for miles for a business trip might seem like a very arduous journey, especially for those who find themselves on the road regularly. Bringing your family along on such trips once in a while might make this stressful business trip into a romantic getaway.
Relaxing on Business TripIf you plan on getting your spouse or your family along choosing a right resort makes a great difference. While you are away at work, you shouldn’t think about what your spouse is doing or if your children are having some fun. Choose a resort that has a variety of facilities like a spa for your spouse, a golf course or a tennis court for some outdoor activities, children’s park for the kids to play for the least.
You could also book a tour of the city so that you and your family get a chance to explore a new city and bond. Each city around the world has a one of a kind nightlife, while on a bizcation with your spouse you could also explore the nightclubs and party hot spots the city has to offer.
Even better you could opt for homestay. The Other Home could help you find the most safest and comfortable homestay options anywhere in India. A home away from home, homestay options are very popular because you can make the most of your time, and meet homely new people eager to get to know you and be your host. People heading to New Delhi on business should definitely make a small trip to Agra or Jaipur, not far from the city these places are breathtaking and historic. We could help you plan a perfect trip to have an authentic Indian experience.
Bizcation also has its own downsides. While bringing your family along on a business trip has its own pros, it might sometimes be a hindrance. While you are away on a business meeting the last thing you want going on in your mind is if your spouse and your kids are having fun. Sometimes bringing your spouse along on a business trip might also create a different kind of image. Hence it is necessary that you weigh out both sides before taking the decision.
For people travelling to India we have great bizcation packages. We even provide customized, designed especially to suit your preferences bizcation packages. Even if you come alone or are accompanied by your family we guarantee you that you will take back good memories from your trip. Our Bizcation packages can be designed in any city according to your preference. If you are an official visit to a city in India we could even plan a small extended vacation to the picturesque countryside of India just a couple of hours from the hustle bustle of the city.
If you do not wish to travel far away we could even plan a perfect mini-vacation in the city that you are travelling to. With great sightseeing trips planned as well as a numerous activities arranged for you, we assure you a ball of a time. We assure you a high standard of comfort and service away from home.
Bizcation or bleisure is a little wonder. Bizcation is a growing trend and has almost reached the peak of its popularity in India as well. For business travelers who barely ever get an ‘off’, bizcation has become one of the much deserved breaks from the everyday hectic schedule.
While on your next business trip to India do visit some of the most beautiful places, experience some of the most memorable memories, and explore India. While you are at it do let us plan your trip while you make the most of your time working and then laying back and having a taste of India.
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The mystery The charm The beauty The passion – It’s all in Delhi

Delhi, the proud capital city that holds India’s head high is home to various fairs and festivals. Delhi, the city of dreams, is where every Indian wants to settle. The beauty and the endless opportunities of the place is what attracts the masses. The Qutab Minar, Redfort, the romantic beauty of the millennium- the Taj Mahal, the Raj Bhavan and all things monumental as well as beautiful adds glory to the capital city.
Delhi MonumentsApart from being the political hub of India, Delhi also possess galleries, museums, bustling markets, awesome eat-outs, active arts clubs and all things nice.
Delhi is a combination of 2 cities – the Old Delhi and the New Delhi. In the old Delhi, you could see the typical havelis and narrow roads while the New Delhi has been a contribution of the British architecture. Delhi in its culmination is a whole new world altogether.
Delhi HaatDelhi is home to many events that attract tourists from across the country. The diversity and the variety of these fairs are commendable. The Itra Mela or the Sugandhi Mela is all set to be on air this weekend from the 25th to 27th March, 11 am to 9 pm at Dilli Haat, Pitampura. The first of its kind, an initiative by the Delhi Tourism & Transportation Development Corporation Ltd. (DTTDC), the fair will also have a presentation of Aroma therapy, quiz contests on Itra, live demonstration of Rose water distillation and presentation of perfumes in traditional bottles. There will also be practical demonstration of Kuppimaking, teaching of Agarbatti and Dhoobatti making and various other competitions.
The key idea of DTTDC is to highlight the ancient and rich heritage of India in the field of natural perfumes and essential oils. Visitors can experience the fragrance and can buy also itra, perfumes, sugandhi and essential oils & allied products. Visitors can reach the venue easily by Delhi Metro or can drive to the place via outer ring road and ring road of Delhi.
These small yet significant Melas make our culture so special. The emphasis given to them, the unity achieved during the assembling of people and various other things makes each and every Mela in our country unique and memorable. Be part of this unforgettable event this weekend. For more information, visit The Other Home or email us at
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Chandigarh: History with Modernity

Chandigarh City
Known world-wide as the most beautiful and the most well planned city in India, Chandigarh is an epitome of great architecture, and a quality of life that is unparalleled. How often do you wonder, if serenity and a city can go together? While in Chandigarh you could totally agree that this concept does exist.
With the numerous trees and plants and the construction that is so well planned that you are awe-struck by it, Chandigarh is right gotten its name ‘The City Beautiful’.
Chandigarh is a great architectural creation of Le Corbusier a famous French ,architect who designed the city. What strikes drastically is the buildings which are geometrically subdivided in precision to form to form a structure that’s proportionate and detailed. The whole city is touched by Nature, it is so designed that there is something for anyone.
Foreign Visitors in ChandigarhLot of foreign tourist from Britain, France, Canada, the UAE, Pakistan, the US, Germany, Malaysia, Australia, Switzerland, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Singapore and Iran come to the city and experience its beauty.
The city is divided into sectors of equal dimensions. Each sector caters to all the needs of people like schools, hospitals, departmental stores, recreational facilities and shopping complexes. Currently, the city has a population of 1.1 million inhabitant. It was, however, designed for a population of 500,000. It has the maximum green cover of its geographical area in the country, i. e. 38.8% tree cover, followed by Delhi, which has nearly 20% tree cover.
Apart from being an architectural wonder, Chandigarh has a lot to offer. For Tourists looking for more things to see and do, here are some of the places that you should definitely visit while you are travelling to Chandigarh.
The Sukana Lake is one of the most scenic places in Chandigarh; it’s a blessing to the citizens of Chandigarh as it adds umpteen amount of tranquillity to the environment.
To have a quick look at the city you could hop on to one of the Coaches that give you the best tour of the city, a half a day tour would cost you just Rs. 50. Starting from Hotel Shiwalik you would get to see the Zakir Rose Garden, the museum and art gallery, War memorial and Bougainvillea garden, the Rock garden and ending with the pristine Sukana Lake.
Sector 17If you are looking to shop in Chandigarh, head straight to Sector 17. Being the main shopping and commercial centre of Chandigarh this has something for everyone. You could find departmental stores, business centres, air conditioned showrooms, eateries, coffee houses and even modern day bars and lounges.
To have a true experience visit the market in the evening, bustling with people returning from office and youngsters grouping up, and shoppers, this is a true blend of culture and people.
Rock GardernThe must visit place in Chandigarh, is the Rock Garden. Built from waste material from scratch this place is a great example of how one could protect their environment. Its world famous for it’s statues and sculptures built for ceramic.  The Rock Garden was built by a government official called Nek Chand who started working on it in his spare time. Today it is spread over 40 acres everything in this park is built from industrial and household waste. Since it’s situated very close to the Sukana Lake, you could visit two of the most beautiful places in Chandigarh at the same time.
Art and culture can be felt everywhere in Chandigarh. This beautiful city is today a home to many artists and writers. The city creates a beautiful environment for artistic development. There are frequently held exhibitions and performances by renowned singers, dancers and performance that you could have the pleasure to watch.
KasuliChandigarh shares its borders with the most scenic states in India. Being located near the foothills of the Shivalik ranges Chandigarh has great hill stations just a few hours drive away. The surrounding districts of Mohali in Punjab, and Kasauli and Chail in Himachal Pradesh have breath taking landscapes. Kasuli and Chail are just 77 km and 116 km away from Chandigarh, respectively. Kasuli is famous as one of the quietest hill stations in India and Chail is famous for the highest cricket ground in the world. Both are quit peaceful and comfortable place to visit.
Deep Roots RetreatTo experience the true essence of the city opt to stay in a farmhouse instead of paying huge bills for a hotel room that has no touch of the city’s culture.Deep Roots Retreat is an excellent farm house located in Chandigarh. Mr. Kanwaljit  S. Brar, the owner of Deep Roots started the retreat with the intention of letting people see the brighter part of the city and being one with nature.
When he travelled with his family he saw the wide eyed fascination his kids had with nature. Nothing delighted them as a family more than hiking through the wilderness or the running around in the sheer open space of the various Farm stays / Home Stays which we patronized on our travels. Their wonder was almost always followed by an onslaught of illuminating questions about people and the natural world. All this with the intrusive urban congestion and importantly no TV.
These were ‘teachable moments’ for his children that marked their personal growth, and it occurred to him that other families might benefit from an opportunity to experience nature in a way that would be educational, inspirational, safe and fun.  Other reason to start the retreat was to promote the essence of Punjab provide visitors with a glimpse of the history of Punjab and take you back to an era when brave, honest and pious men built the territory which we now call the Punjab. He believes in giving his customers the best he have to offer, provide an opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, commune with nature, relax and come home with awesome experience, wonderful memories. To experience and observe life in Rural India, an opportunity seldom presented to the domestic traveller.  All of the above coupled with great food.
Chandigarh City
If you wish to have the similar joy of being so close to nature and allowing your family to experience the little wonders that are non materialistic we could arrange the same for you. Call us today while we plan the most memorable trip for you.
To have a glimpse of what you could experience at Deep Roots Retreat we have a customer testimonial, just to give you a firsthand virtual experience of what you benefit by choosing us.
This is what one of our guest had to say Thank you may not be the right word to connote our feelings however I must say that we really enjoyed every moment of our stay. We had a WOW!!ful time and we sinked ourselves deep to your retreat, holding and preserving every ounce of your offerings. It was simply fabulous. You both made us feel so welcome and satiated that we can’t stop ourself coming back again and again. We would be proud to recommend others about your place.  Thank you soo much once again. A special thank to The Other Home for making our trip a memorable one.’ (Lalit Kumar,New Delhi)
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